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Four Paths to Becoming Your Higher Self

Gautama Buddha

Ordinate Desire

Free yourself from personal sufferings and sorrows by right living and right thoughts.


The 'Be' Attitude

Take accountability for your actions and be rewarded for your acts of integrity and personal accountability.

Mother Mary

Savor the Victory

Embrace a consciousness of victory. Learn how to be free of the sense of sin and guilt.


Extending Mercy

Learn to extend mercy to all sentient life, including yourself. This is the way of compassion.

Meet the Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters were the saints and sages of East and West who once walked the Earth as we do, earning their soul liberation by becoming one with God. These masters are our elder brothers and sisters who remain committed to the evolutions of Earth they left behind. From celestial realms, they assist us on earth to come into our Divinity as they have done. Undoubtedly, you have heard of some of these renowned saints.

Our Latest Video

Join us as we explore Inner Perspectives – A Guidebook for the Spiritual Journey, interviews with Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

In this Episode: Awakening to Life’s Purpose

  • Who is Elizabeth Clare Prophet and what does she have to say to America and the world?
  • How is it that you have come to this point of understanding?
  • Is there anything in your experience that is unique, that gives you this special insight that many of us don’t have?
  • What do Jesus and Saint Germain have in common?

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