About Us

Welcome to all ye fellow seekers who have found our site! We’re glad you are here. We have so much to share with you. Since 1977, we have sought to develop connections with souls of Light in the San Francisco and Sacramento area. All who are seeking a deeper connection to their God source, to their Higher Self are welcome here. 

The Summit Lighthouse® of San Francisco-Sacramento is a branch of an international community of spiritual seekers. We are committed to a personal and planetary path of overcoming life’s challenges and testings and we seek to bring in a spiritual Golden Age through the implementation and practice of the teachings of the Ascended Masters. These teachings are taught by our teachers, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, founders of The Summit Lighthouse.

Our teachings can help us cope with life’s challenges, such as fear, anxiety, and health problems. They anchor us through powerful decrees (spoken prayers) and mantras and lead us step-by-step towards our divinity by expanding our threefold-flame, the spark of God within us. (To learn of currents seminars, see ‘News & Events’.)

Our Mission

We invite you to journey with us on a mystical path toward soul liberation paved by our ascended brothers and sisters from East and West. 

We are The Summit Lighthouse® of San Francisco-Sacramento, and here we share the wisdom and philosophies of the Ascended Masters as revealed through their Messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. We respect spiritual diversity and the many Truths from the world’s major religions that lead to personal happiness, spiritual wholeness, and oneness with God.

Our Local Group

In our local group, we explore the philosophies of the saints of East and West, we study the Truths of the world’s major religions, and we share these Truths with others. We deem it important to assist in personal and world change, and we do so through the Science of the Spoken Word, which is a method of dynamic prayer that is spoken aloud, rhythmically, repeatedly, and at a fast pace (See Spoken Prayers and the Power of You!) We see ourselves as keepers of the flame of life on planet Earth. (See A Spiritual Fraternity You Can Join)

Together we share, learn, and practice spiritual Truths to grow into our divinity. We are a multi-denominational spiritual group, welcoming everyone from any faith. (See The Ascended Master Teachings: Universal Truths)

We host public lectures and offer online events in which to participate, such as our spiritual workshops by Zoom, our in-house meditation groups, our book studies, and our popular online Rosary to Mother Mary.

Please feel free to join one of our events or come by our center to chat.