The Ascended Masters’ Teachings

world's religionsSome Universal Truths

Whether a Buddhist bhikkhus, an Eastern Orthodox cleric, a Jewish rabbi, an Islamic mullah, a Hindu pandit, a Confucian junzi, or a Sikhi sikh, all can benefit from the teachings of the Ascended Masters. These teachings are for people of all faiths. Many spiritual paths come together at The Summit Lighthouse, providing the seeker a unified belief system based on the Truths from many of the world religions.

In practice, you will find students of the Ascended Masters reciting the Rosary, chanting the Golden Mantra of Padma Sambhava, affirming the Om mani padme hum of Kuan Yin, singing the bija mantras of the Dhyani Buddhas, and practicing the divine qualities of the sefirot as defined in the Kabbalah from mystical Judaism.

There Are Many Paths to God

The footpath outlined by the Ascended Masters is not the only way up the mountain of God, as there are many viable spiritual paths. The journey with the Ascended Masters, however, if followed, provides a fast way home to God. Their teachings enable souls to quickly fulfill their soul’s divine plan and they provide the tools for developing a oneness with God.

The Ascended Masters offer teachings on the human aura, the seven rays, chakras, karma, reincarnation, spiritual keys to healing, sexuality and spirituality, the creative power of sound, mystery schools, new age rosary, violet flame, spiritual alchemy, Mother as the feminine polarity of God, initiation, spiritual resurrection, discipleship, and the secrets of the mystical paths of the world’s religions. There is a completeness to these teachings as they answer any question. They provide for us a Divine Blueprint to follow to awaken our souls and to fulifll our life’s purposes. The most encouraging teaching is that we can begin today to ‘put one foot in front of the other’ to journey this spiritual path. It is never too late to begin.

MilarepaThe Story of Milarepa

No matter where you find yourself spiritually, morally, and ethically, your next step can lead to your victory. Take for example the soul of Milarepa. Milarepa lived a life on the left-handed path and the path of the black arts.

At some point in his life, Milarepa renounced that path and became a fully enlightened being who ended up being revered in Tibetan Buddhism. From black magician to a buddha. Not only that, Milarepa ascended after that very lifetime.

This gives us hope that no matter what mistakes we may have made along life’s highway, it is not too late to turn our lives around and walk into the Light.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet Expounding on Essential Teachings of the Ascended Masters.