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– What is the relationship between God’s will and government?

– What is the ascended master ideal for government?

– How do you reconcile the need for change with your spiritual integrity?

– What can we do to help our leaders?

Q: Mrs. Prophet, you’ve spoken somewhat about El Morya’s ideals for government. Could you tell us a bit more?

A: The closeness of the American people to El Morya is nowhere more evident than in their intense concern for government. And from the very beginning, government has been intended for the participation of all people.

In his White Paper from the Darjeeling Council Table, El Morya analyzes what our attitude should be toward government, because government and its correct functioning is the direct manifestation of our dedication to the will of God.

Government is the will of the people, of the governed, implemented by their representatives. Without this we cannot proceed on the path of true religion or true science. El Morya says:

So many are the mysteries of life, so many are the powers of love. Yet the dust seems to be more the choice [of some] than the destiny God ordained. Now there is a remnant, and the remnant is one of hope; and these are responsive hearts, but the great cosmic net must reach into the deep and find them out.

We must draw many to the higher pilaster. We must amplify the filaments of light in the body-bulbs of those who are the true seed of God. We must protect and direct. Yet the veil of obscurity is very, very heavy.

While man’s concern for his ecology mounts, what shall I say is happening to the soul within? The moral standard, recognition of the plane of Spirit, listening to the music of the stars and the spheres, creating that tie of cosmic identity that is the forte of the will of God—these are the strong banners we raise.

Turning his attention to the world scene, Morya writes:

Noting the widening schisms, the deliberately maneuvered divisions being created through the dichotomies of mind and spirit in the total world order today, it is my desire to speak from our level concerning our viewpoint and our intent.

Those who would set nation against nation, those who would set people against people, those who would point the accusing finger of one religion at another, by so doing create that fracture in consciousness that is a destructive negative spiral…

It is well known that there are in the world millions who are labeled “left wing.” There are other millions labeled “right wing.” There are others who choose, in some degree of human pride I might add, the position of the middle of the road. May I say that we do not espouse any of these causes, and may I tell you why.

To me, this was the most refreshing aspect of El Morya’s consciousness when I first encountered him. I found that I could be free to support the will of God anywhere in the political spectrum.

I didn’t have to be right wing, left wing, middle of the road. I could see the will of God and be a chela of this guru and yet be directly involved with government in America and in every nation.

The Divine Position Vs. Positions Wed To Personality Or Platforms

So Morya is the great liberator of my soul from partisan politics. And being a political science major, I found this to be a wonderful solution to a difficult problem. He writes:

The magnitude of Cosmic Christ service is such that we cannot identify ourselves or our movement with one confined to a secular slice of opportunism. Those who desire to sell many copies of their magazine espouse controversial subjects, knowing that half of the people in the world will probably subscribe to their view. They play the percentages, and to them life is a wheel of roulette.

From our level we can scarcely engage in such conduct. We choose, then, not to favor any of these positions but rather to recognize the whole spectrum from right to left, including the middle of the road, as the valley of reality where truth may appear mingled with error. Ours is not to create division…

May I say in all cosmic honor that there are virtuous causes across the whole range of human endeavor, but there are many that are unvirtuous, unrighteous, deceptive and wrongly motivated.

We cannot identify with any, for our purpose is not to be popular but to be truthful and to embrace those spiritual causes that will enable the soul itself to expand its life.

I have not denied that the poor, as Jesus said, are with you always. I have not denied man’s right to fulfill those social needs which to some have become a way of spiritual service. Likewise, we clearly see that among the traditions of men there are many of virtue, albeit sometimes sagging, that ought to be upheld; but where shall we position the timbers?

We cannot identify with the right or the left, and we cannot identify with the middle of the road.

We see that the position of the ascended masters is not to ratify any human position, not to tell us that we are right, but to tell us to be wed to truth rather than personalities or platforms, because these always represent a mingling of truth and error.

What we must strive to do is to isolate truth and then champion it wherever it is found. And since all men and women have a creative potential to bring forth an element of God, we should test what is brought forth by the standard of the will of God, which we all have within us, and as God gives us the wisdom and the gift of vision to see and to know that will.

Q: How do we do come to know the will of God?

A: By the consecration of our day and our life to that will—calling to God, kneeling in intense prayer before we go to sleep at night, asking God to realign our consciousness. Every night we should dedicate the next day to God. Then, while we sleep God will purify our souls, purify our motives, give us solutions to problems. We can tune in to the cosmic mind, which is just like a fantastic cosmic computer. It releases to us through the night all that we need to deal with the challenges of the coming day.

Our leaders and representatives especially should realize that they have a supreme duty to meditate upon the will of God. They must not be tied to their own personal preferences or bound by political commitments. They need to be bound solely by and to the will of God, which will surely come forth and inspire consciousness if they open themselves to it.

Q: Do the masters influence our leaders?

A: El Morya has chuckled when he has told us of the many leaders he has worked through, perhaps leaders that we would not particularly vote for. But he says, “Whoever is in office we must work with.” He writes in his White Paper:

Spiritual knowledge is the highest knowledge and takes into account the total compass of the brotherhood of man… For example, when we make a pronouncement that seems to sanction one [cause] or the other – and as I have said before, the garment of righteousness must run the whole spectrum – we find ourselves being labeled and our outer voice of cosmic reason, The Summit Lighthouse, being labeled also.

The choice we make, then, is to render the greatest service to all men and women upon the planet wherever they appear on the social scale, from the poorest to the wealthiest, from the weakest to the strongest, from the most unspiritual to the most spiritual, from the foolish to the wise. We must serve them all.

When El Morya says “we,” he’s talking about the Darjeeling Council and all of the ascended masters. He says:

Unless we do, we have fallen short of our divine office. When human reform is needed, let us be about our Father’s business; but let us put the brakes on those unfortunate situations that literally tear from man the vital energies of his life, leaving him a profitless servant.

Q: Have the masters had a great involvement with the development of this country?

A: The masters, through Saint Germain, have sponsored America to be a pilot nation for the republican form of government, for representative government according to the inner path of initiation. Those who have the greatest attainment in the Christ consciousness are intended to rise to the position of being statesmen and great examples of virtue to the people.

They are not intended to be simply political figures but examples of the great virtues of religious leaders of the past and those such as Socrates and Plato and the great philosophers and scientists. They are intended to have integrity—the determination to be wed to a cause with nobility, love, purity, and so forth.

This is what we need in America and in every nation today. And, of course, the ascended masters do sponsor every nation as the leaders of the nations are responsive to their vibrations.

Q: Then would you say that the resemblance between the republican form of government and hierarchy, as you describe it, is no coincidence?

It is not a coincidence. But you know, El Morya has said it really doesn’t matter what the form of government. Any form of government can work when the basic principle of the integrity of the soul and the soul’s relationship to God is maintained, and when the ruler or governing body—be it the single enlightened despot or a committee or a larger group or the people themselves—considers its supreme obligation to be the safeguarding of the individual’s right to become one with God.

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