The Ascended Lady Master Nada

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– Who is the Ascended Lady Master Nada?

– What does her retreat look like?

– What were some of Nada’s embodiments?

– What does she have to say about family?

– What does she teach about fulfilling your dharma?

Q: Mrs. Prophet, who is the ascended lady master Nada?

A: Nada is an ascended lady master who is the chohan of the sixth ray. She is a feminine being of great light and love who once served in the temples of Atlantis. She made her ascension about twenty-seven hundred years ago.

While in embodiment on Atlantis, Nada served in the Temple of Love, whose etheric counterpart is above New Bedford, Massachusetts. This retreat is designed after the pattern of a rose, each petal being a room. In the center of the Rose Temple is the flame of divine love, which the brothers and sisters of the third ray expand to implement healing throughout man’s four lower bodies.

Lady Master Nada also serves with Jesus in the Temple of the Resurrection over the Holy Land. Her service on the sixth ray, which is the ray of devotion and service, teaches us to implement the law as a practical service to God in humanity.

In another incarnation Nada was embodied as a lawyer on Atlantis. She teaches us to defend the law. And she calls to the women of the world to become the ones who defend that law for their families and their communities, not only in the legal profession but in the day-to-day encounters with life.

She teaches cosmic law, and she wants us, as mothers, to defend the Christ-potential of our husbands, our children and the members of our community. Defending that law and defending the soul’s right to become one with that law is practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha.

In her final incarnation Nada was the youngest of a large family of brothers and sisters, all of whom were talented except herself, or so she thought. While she was a child she was visited by the archeia Charity. Charity came to her and taught her how to draw the love from her heart and to radiate that love into nature, into the elemental builders of form, and to commune with all life for the expansion of the God flame.

She was also tutored at inner levels by the master Serapis Bey, who assigned her to a branch of the Ascension Temple. There she was taught how to assist her brothers and sisters by meditating upon their divine plan. The outcome of her discipline was that she remained unknown in that incarnation whereas every one of her brothers and sisters became famous in their fields of endeavor because of her selfless love and discipline.

By her selfless service, Nada achieved her eternal victory. She stands with the ascended masters today to teach us the way of service as the means to the balancing of our karma and our return to the flame.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, can you tell us more about what Nada teaches her disciples?

A: She teaches us the path of service—both through the family and through holy orders. The purple and gold of the sixth ray, the twin flames of Alpha and Omega, are best expressed in mutuality, in cooperation with one another.

She speaks of the family as the basic unit in life. She tells us that when mankind destroy the family, they destroy the nucleus for the individualization of the God flame. And when individualization is lost, identity is lost.

The family is the cradle for the bringing forth of the Christ in father, in mother and in the offspring. She says that every household needs a head and that is the father; every household needs a heart and that is the mother. And then the hands of the household become the children, who are extensions of the heart and head as they go out into the community and as they bring forth a new generation, a new energy in school, in education, in service, in involvement with the community. Nada teaches us, then, that we must keep the balance of the sacred Trinity as Joseph, Mary and Jesus did—and that through the family we can fulfill our dharma.

Q: What about those who don’t have families, Mrs. Prophet?

A: Having a family is only one way to fulfill one’s dharma. We can also fulfill our dharma by merging with our own God Presence for a greater service to life. As those who have consecrated their lives to God throughout the ages have recognized, life is not simply for pleasure or the things of this world but for the giving of self in love.

America is founded on the principle of service. We have all kinds of service organizations. We have volunteers helping people in all strata of society. We have our churches, which nurture in people a sense of responsibility toward one another.

Nada teaches the motto: “I am my brother’s keeper.” When we make this our way of life, we are gaining our mastery on the sixth ray. And as you know, Jesus was the chohan of that ray for the two-thousand-year cycle of Pisces. Only recently did Nada become the chohan, after serving the flame of love for many hundreds of years.

Q: What else does Nada have to say about the Law?

A: The Law is the very foundation of service. She says that any law that does not stand in fulfillment of the law of God cannot stand; it is there, waiting to be challenged.

Nada says that any individual son or daughter of God who perceives injustice and incongruity in any man-made law, who in the name of the Christ will challenge that law, who will take to the Lords of Karma and draw to the people’s attention the existence of injustice, will have immediate action from the Lords of Karma and from the individual Christ Self.

Q: How relevant is this teaching on the Law to today’s society, Mrs. Prophet?

A: I think it’s extremely relevant. Take, for example, the violation not only of human rights but of divine rights happening right now in Russia, in China, in many of the countries of Africa.

When there are laws that are depriving the individual of his freedom to freely commune with God and to offer that communion for the benefit of the world community, we must challenge those laws. And we must challenge those who uphold laws that are not the fulfillment of the law of God.

It is important for Americans to realize today that we are appointed to be the guardians of freedom not only in America but in every nation. And our failure to fulfill this calling is our failure to realize our dharma, or our duty, to fulfill the inner blueprint.

So, our service on the sixth ray must include fervent prayer to Almighty God, made in the name of Jesus Christ, and also to the ascended hosts of light that these laws that are unjust and tyrannical be broken and that those who are perpetuating these laws be challenged. We must call for the truth to expose error and for the lie to be broken.

I have seen the answer to prayer come forth miraculously when individuals had the courage to stand on truth. But when our leaders tell us that it is counterproductive for us to champion the rights of man, we are forced to retreat without seeing the salvation of our God that can be wrought through prayer.

If Americans would realize how great is the power of prayer, they would know that those who are not on the side of light must retreat at the coming of the Faithful and True and the armies of the LORD, who do come in answer to our prayer and to our use of the Science of the Spoken Word.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, how far should we go in this challenge?

A: I am not recommending civil disobedience or violent revolution. I am recommending fervent prayer whereby we stand before the altar of God, and we say:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I challenge all tyranny and injustice in this and every nation! And I call forth the living God to work through the ascended hosts and his emissaries on earth to secure freedom for all peoples, beginning at home and then extending to every nation on earth.

Calls like this need to be made many times a day whenever we have a free moment.

We must realize that God needs our call and that “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” This is the teaching of Jesus Christ. It is also the teaching of the Ascended Lady Master Nada.

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