Children Of Afra

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– What are the perils of nationhood?

– What did Afra say about the African people in his Ghana dictation?

– What is the real cause of racial strife?

Q: Mrs. Prophet, What Afra did say to all of the African people in the dictation he gave in Ghana

A: Yes, beloved Afra gave a magnificent dictation. In it, he said:

Let the children of Afra look within and find the inner key to the God consciousness in this age. Let them be imitators of Christ and not imitators of the carnal minds of the other nations. So as the Christ has come forth in every nation, that Christ may be imitated here. So is power in him and in him alone.

The knowledge of the peril of nationhood that I bring to you this day concerns the failure of the people to be obedient to the laws of God and to make the necessary sacrifices so that the whole can be won—forged and won.

The great danger, then, the great peril to Ghana and to every nation is the danger of chaos and confusion that is born of selfishness, where there is no path, no way or truth or life as taught by the avatars, no desire for initiation in God, no realization that life is for testing, life is for the exercise of free will, life is for the balancing of karma, the fulfillment of dharma, and the return of the soul unto the altar of the Ancient of Days in the ritual of the ascension.

The peril of nationhood is the peril of the absence of vision, for without vision the people perish. And the people lose their vision proportionately as they increase in self-indulgence, in selfishness, in the cults of success, ambition and pride.

This is a disease that begins in the leaders, that is transferred to the people, that is then increased in them and returned to the leaders until the nation is at odds …and there is nothing but the spying on one another and the attempts at the coup to remove the statesmen and those who are in the position of leadership.

There is envy, there is jealousy, there is graft, there is greed, there is bribery. These are the perils of nationhood—when a people who have been deprived of their resources and of their energies, who have been enslaved to others for so many centuries, become drunk now with the wealth of their nation, become drunk with power and the desire to rule over one another. Have they so early forgotten that once all were common subjects of other masters? Have they forgotten that they are brethren?

O this people! If you could see me as I walk the streets of Accra and of Ghana and of these nations, you would see me as the prophets of Israel of old! And I rend my garments for the sins of the people, for their failure to see that if they fail in this age to forge this union, then Afra will go down like the other powers and civilizations of this world have gone down—ever since the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis, the days of Rome and Greece and ancient China and all of those civilizations who have come to naught because they have worshiped the god of Baal.

Let it be seen, then, that the hour for the coming of the victory on this continent is nigh.

If you fail to accept the torch of liberty, if you fail to take with you the Science of the Spoken Word, if you fail to sacrifice the lesser self, then you will go the way of all the rest.

The people of Afra have the supreme opportunity to learn from every civilization and every history….

When civilization as materialization reaches its peak, there are only two courses that are open: either material decline and decay because of indulgence or spiritual transcendence where (by the alchemy of the Holy Spirit) all that has been attained in Matter becomes the foundation of the pyramid whereby this attainment is transferred in Spirit and the people experience the new birth in Spirit and in Christ.

In this very hour, this moment of the peaking of material attainment has come for many nations in East and West.

In this moment the idling of the energies of God in the nexus of the cross of white fire is for these peoples to choose this day the Word of the LORD and the message of the prophets in every age, to choose to spiritualize consciousness.

My friends, the choice is: To be or not to be!

Q: Mrs. Prophet, what significance does this message have for the sons and daughters of Afra in the United States?

A: It shows their cultural heritage. Here in America today, freedom must also be won by the choice to be. Saint Germain has said, “He who chooses not to be becomes the slave of him who chooses to be.”

We see this in our everyday life, even within the races. Those who are the strong, who have a strong identity, are those who rule. The challenge of life is to choose to be in God the master of oneself. When one is the master of oneself, he cannot be the slave of any.

It is my desire that the sons and daughters of Afra in America take the teachings of the ascended masters and the Science of the Spoken Word and use these for the liberation of the tremendous love and light that God has given to them.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, what causes racial strife?

A: I firmly believe that racial strife is caused by the divide-and-conquer tactics of those known as the fallen ones.

Morya made an interesting comment about this in his White Paper. He said, “I do not believe that manipulators do not exist in the world. I know that they exist, and that they exist to the total degradation of man.”

Jesus said the same thing when he explained the mystery of the tares among the wheat: “The good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one. The enemy that sowed them is the devil.”

We find that the fallen ones are those who, by choice, by free will, have taken what is known as the left-handed path. They appear in every race and in every nation.

The ascended masters call them the spoilers because wherever you have light, wherever you have true religion, wherever you have joy, they come in to spoil that pure and holy innocent vibration of the good seed. The fallen ones have used race to divide the children of God on earth, and I think that it’s about time it be exposed!

A civilization of great light, a veritable golden age, once existed on the continent of Africa. It was through the divide-and-conquer tactics of the fallen ones that this civilization was infiltrated. Mark and I explain this in Climb the Highest Mountain, Path of the Higher Self:

To accomplish the breakdown of order, it is necessary to invert every other quality of God in man and in society: love must be turned into hatred; peace into war; truth into error; faith into doubt, fear and suspicion; and the sweet wine of Holy Communion into the bitter fruit of psychic intercourse.

These perversions are systematically enforced through infiltrating God-government, education, science and religion, the family, the church and the community with the warped concepts of warped minds.

The authors of these perversions of the God flame have one goal in mind: the destruction of man and society through the dethroning of the Real Image. [The Real Image is the Christ in us all.]

By employing distraction and confusion as alternate weapons, the very few have turned the many upon this planetary home away from the main issues of life and the central order of the universe.

The masterminds who brought down the children of Africa and an ancient civilization of great light that once flourished on what has come to be known as “the dark continent” did so through the perversion of its sacred rituals and art forms.

By injecting distortions of the divine art into the consciousness of the people, they were able to capture their minds and emotions and to divert their attention from the Presence, causing their energies to flow into matrices of dense desire.

As time went on, the people lost the wisdom of their ancestors, worshiping those they should have emulated. The accounts of sacred powers wielded by their forebears became folklore; all forgot that long ago they, too, had been entrusted with the secrets of the universe.

Thus, the history of a people who perished for want of vision is written in akasha—a dramatic portrayal of the cultural sinking of a continent.

What we are witnessing today is the return of light and of the Mother flame to the continent of Afra, and we are seeing the children of Afra responding to the fires of freedom. May they choose to be the Christed ones and manifest the victory for all.

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