Angels And Your Aura

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– How does our daily experience affect our auras?

– What role do angels play in determining the nature of our auras?

– If there are so many angels, how does the aura become contaminated?

– Why don’t people have more contact with angels?

Q: Mrs. Prophet, how does our daily experience affect our auras?

A: Ascended Master Kuthumi gives us an interesting explanation of this. Truly, when I read his writings I am most impressed by the profound understanding he has of the psychology of man, and indeed he is a psychologist among ascended masters.

Kuthumi speaks of the transmittal of the data of our experience world to the subconscious. He explains that this transmittal is automatic; it functions by the law of each man’s being. Out of the storehouse of memory we have an instantaneous recall of events, persons and places of an entire lifetime, which is almost a magical feat.

He explains the process as one that involves the individual’s own Christ mind and the one who assists that Christ mind, the recording angel.

Jesus spoke of the recording angel when he gave his teaching on not offending little children. He said, “For I say unto you that their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.” Jesus’ words give us the understanding that the recording angel is always aware of God and yet always aware of man.

This angel stands at that midpoint of the Mediator with our own Christ Self and is responsible for assisting in the recording of our every thought, word, deed and feeling, even though it is an automatic, computerlike process. The recording angel assists us in sorting, classifying and transferring data from the world in which we live to the subconscious mind, which assimilates that data.

The subconscious mind is reflected in the aura, and the aura itself reflects the total being—the tip of the iceberg as well as the iceberg that is below the water. God has assigned to us this recording angel, and not only the recording angel but many others among the angelic hosts are available to man in the hour of need.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, what role do angels play in determining the nature of our auras?

A: Angels are the creations of God who are sent to minister unto the sons and daughters of God. Angels act as “angles” of God’s consciousness. An angle of God’s consciousness is a mathematical formula, a geometric forcefield that allows for the transfer of energy from a higher frequency to a lesser frequency, just as we have transformers for the distribution of electricity.

Angels serve to amplify the feelings of God. Yes, God has feelings. God has desire. What is God’s desire? God has one desire and that is to be God. In order to be God, he has created his entire cosmos and the supreme creation, man and woman made in his image and likeness. In order for God to be the fullness of himself, he has also created angelic beings, who, by cosmic law, must come in answer to the call of man and woman, his own sons and daughters.

And therefore Jesus said in Gethsemane, “Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?” Jesus knew that if he called upon the angelic hosts they would deliver him from his plight. Yet he desired not to be delivered because he was fulfilling the initiation of the crucifixion as an example for all of us to follow.

The point here is that we can, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of the Christ within us all, call to the Father to send us angelic hosts to deliver us from personal problems, world conditions, financial matters, grief over the problems our children are facing or pornography in the cities. Whatever the condition, we can call to God in the name of the Christ, and by cosmic law these angelic hosts will answer.

The connection with the aura is that they come, as it were, “trailing clouds of glory.” They come with their auras filled with the light of God because they are electrodes and storehouses of energy. And when they come to us in answer to our call, they fill our auras with their light.

It is like a transfusion from the Great Central Sun. Angels have access to so much more of God’s energy than we do, and when we call them, we receive this enormous quantity of light. It is this light that transmutes the darkness.

When there is grief, they bring joy. When there is fear and darkness, they bring love. When there is envy and jealousy, they bring the light of truth. So the angelic hosts conduct the feelings of God, the gentle qualities of mercy and justice. The angelic hosts are our greatest friends. They keep the way of the Tree of Life as the great seraphim and cherubim.

There are many offices and hierarchies of angels, including the seven beloved archangels, who are headed by Archangel Michael and his legions of blue-flame angels. These are the defenders of the faith and they protect the Holy Church.

They protect the teaching of Christ and, above all, they protect us from harm. So it is important to develop the habit of invoking the angelic hosts. You can simply say:

Dear God, send me your angels today. Send them to me, I pray. I call for the light of the angelic hosts to protect me and fill me with healing, with understanding. I call for the angelic hosts and legions from the Great Central Sun to heal the wounds of the nations and to bring balance to our government and our education. I pray to you, dear God, to send your angelic hosts to intercede for our youth that they might come into the Christ consciousness and the understanding of the Buddha.

Q: If there are so many angels about, how does the aura become contaminated?

A: By its susceptibility. The aura is made of a “plastic” substance. It’s almost as if the aura were a chameleon. It takes on the colorations of its environment and is susceptible to the subconscious of the individual. If the free will of the individual gives consent, the aura will reflect the darkness of the mass mind and the individual’s own latent darkness rather than light.

When we watch a horror movie, we contaminate our aura with horror vibrations. We enter fully into the fear. The solar plexus begins to churn. We find that our body chemistry changes. Even our heartbeat can change; the pulse will change. This is because by free will the arc of the attention is centered on a vibration of horror that then fills the aura.

We can choose to entertain angels or we can choose to entertain the darkness and demons that are in opposition to the angelic hosts. It is truly a question of free will.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, why is it that people don’t have more contact with angels?

A: Because of ignorance, for the most part. People do not realize that the angelic hosts and the ascended masters cannot enter into the world in which we live, into time and space, unless we give the call. And this involves the law of octaves: God will not interfere in our lives unless we call to him.

Earth – the Freewill Laboratory

This is why Jesus taught us to pray the Our Father. We must pray in order for God to contact us. God has given us the opportunity to prove whether or not we will come into alignment with his being.

God said, “Heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool.” In this footstool kingdom man is given complete dominion and complete authority. He is a lawmaker; he does what he will and he bears the consequences.

Earth is a laboratory that God has created for us to learn right and wrong and to return to him by free will in the ritual of the ascension. Therefore, by cosmic law, the angelic hosts are not allowed to intercede or to enter our life unless we call to them.

In The Human Aura, Kuthumi writes about his incarnation as Saint Francis. He says that the brothers recognized the angelic hosts as God’s appointed messengers and looked to them for assistance. They did not expect God himself to intercede in the everyday situations that required some special ministration from heaven. They understood that God would send angelic legions in his name—with the seal of his authority and power—to do his bidding.

Kuthumi laments that some men, through the puffiness of human pride, will speak only to God directly. They thereby ignore those whom God has sent, including the ascended masters and those upon the planet whom God has ordained to convey the message of truth to humanity.

Here is the point: God has ordained his angelic ministrants to minister unto us and they will come in full force in answer to our call.

Archangel Michael – The Great Protector

I know many devotees who would not go a day without calling to Archangel Michael and his legions for the protection of our children, our homes, our lives, our cities, our nations.

I have seen the intervention of Archangel Michael in the most miraculous way. I have seen cases of car accidents where the driver got out to see what happened and found no injury to either car. The only explanation is that the impact was broken by an energy field that was not physical. Physically there was a crash, but a nonphysical matrix—an auric emanation of a powerful being, an archangel—actually prevented damage to the vehicles as well as loss of life to those who were driving.

We see such tragedy on our highways today and tragedy on the battlefield of life. So much of this could be averted by the recognition that we are created to interact with the angelic hosts and that they are indeed the servants of God and man.

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