The Soul of Mother Mary

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– What were the early incarnations of Mother Mary?

– Do we also have a mission in this life?

– Did Mary have any embodiments in between when she embodied on Atlantis and when she embodied as the mother of Jesus?

Q: Mrs. Prophet, how did Mother Mary prepare to play such an important role as ensouling the Mother flame for a planet?

A: The preparation of the soul of Mary began in heaven, where she evolved for aeons of cycles in God’s own consciousness, increasing her awareness of God as Mother. Then came the moment when she was called before Alpha and Omega and sent forth to incarnate among earth’s evolutions. From that hour, she prepared on earth through a number of lifetimes for the moment when she would incarnate in her final embodiment to be the mother of Jesus.

Mother Mary was embodied on Atlantis, where she served in the Temple of Truth as a priestess of the Most High God. There she tended the fires of the fifth ray and brought forth into the planes of Matter her soul’s inner attainment, which she had achieved through thousands and thousands of years of service in heaven.

As she worked with the laws governing the flow of God’s energy from the planes of Spirit to the planes of Matter, she learned in her outer consciousness what her soul already knew—that disease, decay and death are caused by an arresting of the flow of light at some point in the four lower bodies and that this clogging of energy may result from man’s misuse of the sacred fire with its attendant karma.

She also learned by her own experimentation in this laboratory of truth—for such was the ancient temple of Atlantis—that the cure for disease is the harmonization of the flow through the light centers in the lower bodies. She saw that the reversal of the processes of death and decay is effected by the initiation of spirals of the resurrection flame within the chalice of the heart.

Q: Do we also have a mission in this life?

A: Like Mother Mary, we all come with a mission, a calling from God. We have heard of Mother Mary’s account of her going before our Father-Mother, Alpha and Omega. We must realize that we also were called before the great throne of Alpha and Omega and were given an assignment and a mission on one of the seven rays.

We, too, began to incarnate and to serve in a position of service that would prepare us for the fulfillment of our mission in this age, in this century.

Now, in the Aquarian age, we as sons and daughters of God are called together to fulfill our vows, but many of us have lost the memory of the vow and of the inner experience with our Father-Mother God. We hardly remember that God is real or personable or that we can even talk to God.

And so Mother Mary comes to remind us of our vow and of our relationship with God—not to tell us that she is separated from us, that she is a goddess out of reach or an exception to the rule of life on earth.

She shows us that she incarnated again and again and faced the same struggles and trials of overcoming that we now face. And yet Mother Mary, proving the way of victory, kept her soul inviolate and pure so that she might receive Jesus Christ in the hour of his appointed coming for the Piscean dispensation.

Mother Mary as a child in her last lifetime

In the lifetime that Mother Mary was to be the mother of Jesus, she was born to Anna and Joachim. Anna and Joachim followed many of the teachings of the Essene community and had consecrated their lives to God. They were vegetarians and were schooled in the disciplines of the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

In their old age, after having prayed many years for a child, Anna and Joachim received a visitation from an angel of the LORD. He appeared to each one to tell them that they would give birth to this blessed child, a daughter who in turn would become the mother of the Christed One, the avatar of the age.

So Mary was born to them and when she was three years old she was consecrated in the temple, there to become a student of the sacred mysteries. It is said that her parents placed her on the first of fifteen stairs representing the initiations of the psalms of degrees (Psalms 120-134). She climbed the fifteen stairs one right after the other, showing that her soul had already passed these initiations in other lifetimes.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, were Mother Mary’s parents chosen because of the rigorous life they led?

A: The rituals that were practiced by Anna and Joachim were by no means the reason that they were chosen. These practices were but the outer manifestation of their souls’ inner commitment already made before the throne of Almighty God.

It is not practices or mechanical observances of prayer and ritual that give us the consciousness (or the ‘kingdom’) of God but rather that from the beginning we have chosen to be the will of God and we have responded to that will.

The natural flow of our devotion to God that is manifest in spiritual exercises is but a sign of the inner calling. Outer practices and rituals cannot compensate for the human will that has not surrendered to the divine will.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, did Mary have any embodiments in between the time that she embodied on Atlantis and the time she embodied as the mother of Jesus?

A: I have noted in the book My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord! a number of Mary’s incarnations.
(Editor note: Recently reprinted as Mary’s Messages For A New Day.) One of the most outstanding was in the days of the prophet Samuel, when Mary was called of the LORD to be the wife of Jesse and the mother of his eight sons.

Ever striving to fulfill her role in the Mother ray, Mary in this incarnation of her soul on earth magnified the light of the seven rays of the Christ in the first seven sons of Jesse. In the youngest, David, she glorified not only the full complement of virtues of the seven rays but also the majesty and mastery of the eighth ray, which David exemplified in his reign and extolled in his psalms.

In the descent of our spiritual lineage, then, we find that the same flame of the Motherhood of God sponsored the Judaic tradition as sponsored the Christian dispensation. This once again teaches us that all rays of God in manifestation as the masculine and the feminine principles of life lead back to the One Source, the life, the all of our being.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, how does the rosary help us get back to this source?

A: The rosary is a balanced meditation on the masculine and feminine principles of life, on the Father and Mother energies within us, and thus it is a meditation on the cosmic caduceus. The goal of prayer and of the ritual of the rosary is to balance these energies, these cosmic forces within man and woman.

When we succeed in balancing these forces, we can attain to a state of wholeness; and in wholeness we can contact our Father-Mother God. No matter what our religion, the prayers of East and West, of every church and every calling are for this goal: the return to oneness, to wholeness.

In the rosary we give the Our Father for contact with God the Father and we give the Hail Mary for contact with God the Mother.

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