The Anti-Mother Forces

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– How is the Mother force active in today’s world?

– What is our protection against the force of anti-Mother?

– How can we distinguish between the real Mother and the counterfeit Mother force?

– What does the Mother and anti-Mother forces have to do with our daily lives?

Q: Elizabeth Clare Prophet, how is the Mother force active in today’s world

A: Since the Mother principle is that which nourishes life, we can think of Mother and the Mother flame as the energy inherent in education, in great works of art—music, paintings, sculpture and drama—in science that pursues the mastery and conquest of time and space. All of this is the Mother force nurturing life. It is God within us who is releasing the energy that tutors the soul in the way it must go.

We find that the presence of Mother—as all of the beauty and all of the goals that we see in life—is beset by a counterforce. This is depicted in the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation as the dragon that comes forth the moment the Mother is going to give birth to the Manchild.

This Mother is the Mother within us all giving birth to our own Christ consciousness and the dragon seeks to tear from us that Manchild as soon as it is born.

The force of anti-Mother opposing the birth of the Real Self

This anti-Mother, anti-Christ force manifests as child pornography, the desecration of woman, the tearing down of true educational values, even the tearing down of individual nationhood and of our own history and the understanding of God-government. There are many forces active in the media and in the world today that tear down the true values of the Real Self of all.

We call this Real Self the Christ. You can call it the Buddha. You can call it whatever you like, but it is our true, inherent Reality. And the Mother force of a cosmos is what protects this emerging identity within us all.

When we experience alienation from Mother or we allow the forces of anti-Mother to encroach upon our family and our life, we find that everything that we try to do is torn down. It disintegrates and there is chaos, there is confusion.

Archangel Michael as the antidote to the anti-Mother force

What do we find as the antidote to this? In the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation, God sends his emissary Michael the Archangel to challenge the dragon. And there is war in heaven and Michael and his angels defeat that dragon and cast him out of heaven into the earth.

And so if we are going to raise up the light of Mother, which is such a cosmic force for creativity within us, we must enlist that emissary of God, Archangel Michael, to come to our aid and protection.

This we can do by giving this simple call to Michael the Archangel:

Call to Michael the Archangel

Lord Michael before,
Lord Michael behind,
Lord Michael to the right,
Lord Michael to the left,
Lord Michael above,
Lord Michael below,
Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go!
I AM his love protecting here!
I AM his love protecting here!
I AM his love protecting here!

We find that it is often necessary to call forth the intercession of the angelic hosts of light in our daily lives. We call to Archangel Michael because it is his office to defend our faith and to defend the flow of Father, Mother and Son within our consciousness.

Q: When you talk about Mother, are you talking about an impersonal force or something more personal?

A: I am talking about both the impersonal force of a cosmos, an energy frequency, and a very personal manifestation.

The impersonal force becomes personal when a son or a daughter of God decides by free will to ensoul that force. This Mother Mary did; this we can do. But we have to overcome our antipathy to the concept of God as Mother.

Until we do, we will find ourselves unprotected as a people and as a nation from the forces of anti-Christ and anti-Mother, which are waging the spiritual warfare of Armageddon against our souls and against our souls’ emergence into the fullness of that maturity whereby we can anchor the light of God and bring forth the victory in this age.

Q: How can we distinguish between the real and the counterfeit Mother force?

A: The difference is like the difference between Eve before the Fall and Eve after the Fall. It all hinges on obedience to the laws of God. The sin of Eve was the sin of disobedience against the Lord Christ. Obedience simply means being in harmony with your inner blueprint, being in harmony with the forces of cosmos that govern your life.

The Woman clothed with the Sun is the woman who has magnetized the light of cosmos to the glory of the feminine ray of God. That Woman in the Book of Revelation can be every woman on earth. But in order to be clothed with the Sun, she must be willing to surrender all that is unlike that Sun consciousness.

Then the flame within her heart will become the magnet of Great Central Sun energies and she will become so filled with light that she can hold the flame on earth for the Christ consciousness to be exalted in all sons and daughters of God.

Inasmuch as we have seen centuries upon centuries roll by without too much manifestation of this cosmic consciousness, we can surmise that there have not been many women who have been able to ensoul the Mother force and to sustain it in the face of the dragon of the carnal mind within the self and within the mass consciousness.

Using the rosary to manifest the balanced Mother force

And so today Mother Mary comes to the fore, gives us a science, gives us a new rosary and a new way to use the Spoken Word to coalesce energy. She is doing this not because she desires personal adoration but because she desires to transfer to us our rightful and lawful inheritance as sons and daughters of God.

Men as well as women must exalt the Mother principle because we are all seeking the balance of Father and Mother. Men ought to pray to Mother just as naturally as women pray to Father. And in the fusion of the twain, we would have happy, harmonious, healthy families and offspring, healthy communities, healthy states and nations.

It all begins with the resolution within ourselves of the Father and Mother principles. This is really the basis of modern psychology. Our schisms and the problems we have in dealing with our earthly mothers and fathers are what generate in us the alienation from God the Father and God the Mother.

Q: Then the real Mother and counterfeit Mother force are as different as night and day?

A: It’s like the difference between the sun and the moon. The moon energies are identified with the figure of the great whore in the Book of Revelation, who is the personification of that anti-Mother force. It is a death energy because it always seeks to tear down and to lower the energies of man and woman until they are entirely spent upon a pleasure cult and a success cult instead of upon the true culture of the Mother whereby we are raised up.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, what does this have to do with our daily lives?

A: The energy locked within us is like the lightning that has flashed across the sky for a million years. It is like the white-fire core of the atom that is in the heart of the mountains and the rocks. Suddenly man discovers this energy, he harnesses it and a whole new era of life and civilization occurs. The energy of Mother locked within all of us can be released. When it is released we experience the joy of living! We discover who we are. We become truly worthy sons and daughters of God.

The moment we begin to salute the light of Mother and the light of Father within ourselves this energy is unlocked. It comes to the fore and gives us joy, dominion, purpose and understanding of our reason for being. It unfolds the path of the ascension whereby we can reunite with God.

Whatever we are doing in this moment—washing the dishes, cleaning the house, preparing the evening meal—can become a sacred labor that we charge with the energies of Father and Mother within our being. And suddenly Matter is endowed with Spirit! This is the materialization of the God flame. It is crystallization. It is the spiritualization of our consciousness.

It means that a new energy, a new life comes into us and by this life we can experience the atonement, the redemption, the resurrection and the reunion with God. This is the goal of life but it is also a daily goal. Paul said, “I die daily,” and what this really means is that we are born and reborn daily as we recontact this source, this fount of life, that God has placed within us.

We need this energy. Our lives are dead without it, and this is why people meditate. Meditation is but the first step of the Science of the Spoken Word. When we meditate upon God or the Inner Self or the great void, we contact that energy source.

In order to draw it down and make it practical in our lives to solve every single problem we have, we must vocalize—we must let our praise burst forth as a song, a decree, a fiat from our throat chakra. Then it crystallizes and we find that that energy becomes charged, literally charged with a new life. And we are no longer the living dead but we are alive and buoyant with life!

Life takes on a new freedom, and we realize that this freedom is meant for all peoples and all nations. We become excited about transferring the Word and the flame we have discovered in our heart. This becomes the flame that leaps heart-to-heart across the earth with that awakening, quickening energy that is the New Age.

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