God As Mother

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– Can God be masculine and feminine, Father and Mother?

– What do the Mother flame, kundalini and the divine Feminine have in common?

– What is the role of soul and spirit in the quest for wholeness, harmony and joy?

– How much time does it take to see the violet flame make a difference?



What you mean when you talk about God as Mother?

Ever since I can remember, I had a feeling that God was both my father and my mother. From the time I was a little child, I had the sense of being comfortable in the arms of this Father-Mother God. As I grew older, I began to study the religions of the East and to realize that for centuries the Hindus have spoken of the World Mother. I remember the first day I heard the term World Mother. I had a sense that our earth was enfolded by a presence that could be described as Mother, as a world consciousness and as a world energy.

Since I was not raised Catholic, I did not have the understanding of the devotion to Mary and so I sought this in later years. I saw clearly that Mary, as the Mother of Jesus, had realized something very special about God as Mother. I thought she must have had a unique attunement with God as Mother because her concept of Mother enabled her to bring forth the Christ. One day I was looking at her name and it was no longer “Mary,” but it just popped out to me as “Ma-ray”—the ray of the Mother.

I saw Mary as the instrument of God as Mother, and I began to meditate on that Mother energy. I came to realize that the Mother energy is really a flame.

The Hindus call it the Kundalini, or the Goddess Kundalini, which they define as the energy that is locked at the base-of-the-spine chakra. They view it as a feminine principle, a feminine energy. I began to wonder how this energy could be unlocked, and I thought to myself that this energy truly must be in polarity with God as Father.

I remembered hearing the concept of Mary as the bride of the Holy Spirit. Then I thought of the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and I realized that Mother is the aspect of God that unlocks the energies of Father and that the reverse is also true—that the presence of Father would release in us the energy of Mother.

The Tao of Masculine and Feminine Principles

So, it came to me that if I would meditate upon God as the masculine principle, that masculine principle intensifying in my life would magnetize the feminine, and that if I would meditate upon the feminine, the presence of the feminine principle would magnify the masculine.

I began to meditate upon the concept of the Tao and on the concept of the T’ai Chi—of all things being in the circle of energy of the plus and the minus, the Alpha, the Omega. I saw this energy as God present within us all. The more I would meditate upon this energy, the more I would feel the wholeness of the presence of the Father-Mother God.

As I studied the world’s religions, I realized that mankind have been given the teachings of God in stages, in cycles. For two thousand years we have been given an understanding of God as the Son, and we have come to understand God through the person of Jesus. Prior to that, Moses revealed God as Father, as the Lawgiver, as the very personal representative of the Law.

In this two-thousand-year period that is beginning, we are finding a tremendous awakening to the energies of the Holy Spirit. People are calling upon the name of the LORD and they are asking God to infill them with that Holy Spirit. This presents a rounding out of the Trinity realized in the consciousness of mankind over several thousand years.

Meantime in the East, the meditation upon that Trinity has been on Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva through many different incarnations of God, all of this bringing us to the climax of realization in the Aquarian age—which is destined to be the age of the rise of the feminine principle—of God as Mother. We see this reflected in social movements and in social upheaval. We see women demanding rights. We see the feminist movement. We see women all over the world coming into their own after thousands of years of not realizing their true identity in a world dominated by the masculine ray.

I came to realize that our devotion to God as Mother will create the balance in the individual and in our civilization that is necessary for the alchemy of self-transformation. Through all of this wondering and this meditating on God and this discovering, I decided that my calling must be to expand the flame of God as Mother so that everyone on earth could do the same, so that woman could realize her role and so that man could realize his role in the perfect balance of the divine union.

What role does the Mother play in man? I’ve heard you talk about the divine Feminine. What do you mean by that?

That’s an important question. All of us have within us that point of divinity that is the threefold flame in the heart. We know that the threefold flame is the point of realization of the masculine elements of the Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Now, all of us also have a feminine point of contact, and that point of contact is the soul, the soul potential of being.

What is the soul?

The soul is that substance of identity that has come forth out of Spirit, or out of the I AM THAT I AM. The soul, then, is the negative polarity, and Spirit is the positive polarity of God. The soul is our opportunity to realize God. However, we read in Ezekiel, “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” Yet the Bhagavad-Gita says, “Never the Spirit was born, the Spirit shall cease to be never.”

The permanent atom of being is Spirit. The nonpermanent atom of self, the soul, can become permanent by reuniting with that Self that is Spirit. So, the soul is our consciousness here on earth, evolving in time and space. The soul in man and woman represents the feminine principle. And the Spirit, or the I AM Presence, which we’ve been talking about, is always the masculine principle.

So, everybody is both masculine and feminine at the same time?

It’s interesting to think about this in relation to Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. Alpha and Omega is simply a synonymous term for the Father-Mother God, the masculine-feminine polarity of the cosmos.

We find that this whole is the source of harmony, joy, bliss, cosmic consciousness and happiness. Whenever we are outside of this whole, we find depression, degeneration, darkness, death, disease. Wholeness is the key to the joy of life. And the resolution of this wholeness becomes the quest of the soul.

We seek that wholeness in the perfect union with someone outside of ourselves with whom we can share our life. The inner wholeness is designed to be reflected in the outer manifestation of the love that we find on earth between man and woman.

The Family As The Trinity And The Mother

So, marriage of man and woman is intended to bear, as the fruit of that union, the Christ consciousness in the offspring. The Holy Family, as illustrated by Jesus, Mary and Joseph, is the manifestation of the Trinity and the Mother, and the various members of the family play these roles.

Family life, then, is the foundation not only of the Piscean age but of the Aquarian age. And the destruction of the family is the attack against the twin flames of Gemini, against the wholeness of the Father-Mother God. If this forcefield of our consciousness can be destroyed, if we allow the destructive forces of our civilization to destroy this trust and this tryst, we will be bereft of life’s most glorious interchange—the going in and coming out of the Presence of the LORD through daily communion with the Inner Self and with our loved ones.

So we need to guard the family, and we need to realize that the family becomes a crucible for the testing of our souls on the path of initiation.

Does this mean that one can’t find wholeness outside of the family?

No, it means that one may choose to find wholeness within oneself through the polarity of Alpha and Omega that God has placed within one’s being, or one may choose to find that wholeness in the love experience of man and woman sharing the same goal of creation in life.

How would you relate these matters to the dilemma of young people today in deciding how to live their lives in regard to love and family, and so forth?

I think everyone needs to realize that God, in addition to creating the soul and the Spirit as points of identity, has given to each one of us a twin flame, a counterpart. Twin flames have been in existence ever since the beginning, and so this divine polarity is always present. Every one of us can know that somewhere in the cosmos is the other half of our whole, which represents uniquely the Father-Mother God.

All life, then, is a series of initiations whereby we are walking the Path with Christ and Buddha to return to the wholeness that we share with someone, somewhere—our twin flame. In the interim, while we balance our karma and move in the cycles of life, we may marry, we may have relationships that are beautiful and fulfilling but are not the ultimate relationship. Thus, God has ordained marriage as the matrix for working out this polarity of being.

I would tell young people that it is important to realize that the bringing forth of the Christ consciousness, whether in children, a creative work, a career or in something that becomes the dedication of one’s life, is the purpose of this energy that we are given, this creative life force—this most sacred fire.

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