Saint Germain on the Science Of Precipitation

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– How does the practice of alchemy affect the law of supply and demand?

– Does this mean that we can immediately draw from the Universal anything that we need?

– Why is Saint Germain, master of the Aquarian age, teaching us a course on alchemy?

– Don’t you think that a lot of people will see this as the ultimate ego trip?

– Without the freedom to create there really is no freedom, is there?

Q: Elizabeth Clare Prophet, how does the practice of alchemy affect the law of supply and demand?

A: In his book Saint Germain On Alchemy, the master says:

It is well for the would-be alchemist to realize that this is an exact and true science whose illumination is conferred upon man by God himself. Its purpose is to teach mankind how to obtain for themselves every gracious gift and virtue that their lifestreams might require in finding the way back Home to God’s heart.

I think we misunderstand the law of supply and demand because we do not understand the interaction of cosmic forces over the figure eight, which is the symbol of infinity. It is also the symbol of the transfer of energy from Spirit to Matter and from Matter to Spirit.

We think that we live in a material universe but actually we live in a spiritual-material universe. And the interchange of energy over that figure eight, or over the T’ai Chi, is the interchange of the yang and yin of cosmic forces and of the masculine and feminine principles.

Saint Germain’s teachings on alchemy help us understand how this interchange of energy works. He says:

I conceive nothing wrong in the idea, nor do I look with disfavor upon your having a divine source of supply to meet all your needs. I do feel it is needful for you to keep constantly humble and grateful as God places within your hands the key to the control of natural forces.

Again, and second to no idea contained herein, is the constant need to understand the universal scheme or plan of creation so that all that you design and do will be harmonious with eternal Law and cosmic principles.

Q: Does this mean that we can immediately draw from the Universal anything that we need?

A: It is the Law that we can draw forth from God, the Universal, every good and perfect gift, all of our daily needs. But we do not always see the results of our alchemy immediately, because we are no longer in the garden of paradise. We are outside of Eden and subject to God’s edict that we earn our daily bread by the sweat of the brow.

We find, then, that alchemy has been immensely slowed down on earth and that the fruit of our effort comes not instantaneously like magic but day by day, cycle by cycle, as the reward for our service and our application.

We talk about the law of precipitation whereby spiritual energies are drawn forth out of the Universal and coalesced in Matter.

In direct precipitation, a person can hold out his hand and the desired object instantaneously appears. In indirect precipitation, we bring about the desired results gradually, through meditation, visualization and physical work as we apply ourselves directly to a project.

In the sense of indirect precipitation, millions among mankind today are practicing certain laws of alchemy. We find in America, where there is that peculiar creative genius for work, for science, for invention and for building a material civilization, that many individuals excel in the natural uses of alchemy.

However, many of these very ones who would and could become master alchemists need the key and the precious ingredient of Saint Germain’s “all-chemistry” of God. This missing ingredient would lend to their material accomplishments that broader dimension of spiritual alchemy that brings the soul to an intensified contact with the Spirit of the living God. It is this science that Saint Germain would confer and that he has actually given to many of his disciples on earth.

Q: Why of all things is Saint Germain, the master of the Aquarian age, teaching us a course on alchemy?

A: For one reason—he is the Master Alchemist! He says in Alchemy:

Alchemy was originally intended to be a means of enriching individual destiny by making available the technique of changing base metals into gold, thereby producing opulence in the affairs of the successful practitioner. The dedication of the early alchemists to the cause of ferreting out its secrets was complete, and it was sanctified by the coordination of their minds with the works of their hands.

These alchemists pursued their experiments under the duress of persecution led by the entrenched reactionary forces of their day, and it is a tribute to their lives and honor that they persisted in the search. Thus they brought forth and bequeathed to humanity the bona fide results of their efforts as acknowledged scientific achievement and annotated philosophic knowledge to bless the culture and archives of the world order.

Saint Germain sees that the world today requires alchemy. He sees that we need to pursue the path of becoming the alchemist in order to change the course of our civilization. He tells us: “The key to alchemy, to change, that must precede all other keys is the mastery of yourself, to a greater or lesser degree. For self-mastery is the key to all self-knowledge.”

Saint Germain says that we must acknowledge without question that we ourselves are the alchemists who will determine the design of our creation and that we must know ourselves as the Real Self and our creation as coming forth from that Self. This point is the real foundation of the teachings of the seventh dispensation, the Aquarian age.

The Book of Revelation as a book of alchemy

And when you reflect upon the Book of Revelation and the fact that it refers to the voice of the seventh angel, you see that the Book of Revelation is a book of alchemy. It prophesies the alchemy that will occur at the end of the Piscean dispensation.

We are at that moment right now. The cycles are turning. We have completed a two-thousand-year cycle and we as individuals on our personal path of initiation must go through everything that is described in the Book of Revelation. We must go through it within our own consciousness. Furthermore, the planetary body as a whole, passing through its evolutionary initiations, must also go through this testing. And so, to both the mystic and the alchemist, the Book of Revelation is a key to the alchemy of self-transformation.

We have all heard about the beast, the false prophet, the dragon and other figures in the Book of Revelation. Saint Germain comments on their inner meaning:

Seething vortices of humanly discordant thoughts and feelings daily impose a hypnotic effect upon almost everyone on earth. These tend to nullify the great concentration of intelligent, creative power that is the birthright of every man, woman and child on this planet, though it is consciously employed by far too few.

While increasing numbers among mankind seek after freedom, the reactionary elements, either with or without purpose, attempt to burden the race with new shackles each time deliverance from one form or another of human bondage is secured.

We see the soul, then, walking in the midst of a menagerie or a jungle of the beasts that appear in the Book of Revelation. We see that soul having to become an alchemist in order to get through this path of initiation, through the house of horrors that the subconscious realm of the mass mind has become.

This house of horrors is also much apparent in many of the countries of the world where tyranny and a totalitarian state are a way of life and mass executions and concentration camps are still in existence this very day. It is the alchemist wedded to his own inner Christ mind who is able to come forth from those conditions, as Daniel from the lion’s den, unscathed.

We see that Saint Germain is giving us the tools to deal with the tyranny of the beasts of mass control that exist on earth in big government, big business, the manipulations of an international economy, and so forth.

God-given Freedom to Create

Saint Germain says that the alchemist, who is really your soul and my soul, in order to be successful—to be the overcomer, to master time and space—”must be consciously aware of his God-given freedom to create.” Do you realize that today men and women do not understand that they have been given the power by God to create and to be co-creators with him, and therefore they do not use that power? Saint Germain says:

Those restrictions and restraints imposed upon the soul as forms of human bondage must be shunned. Yet in every case these must be distinguished from the necessary laws that structure society. Beauty and righteousness must be emblazoned upon the left and right hand to remind the would-be alchemist of his responsibility to God and man to behold his works before releasing them to see that they are indeed good, and good for all men.

What Saint Germain tells us in Saint Germain On Alchemy is that we have the power to create. We have lost that science and the memory of that science because in many past incarnations we have misused it. We have not created for the good of all, but we have created an energy veil, an e-veil, or evil, which is the mass hypnosis that now blankets the consciousness of the people and separates them from the Real Self.

Saint Germain’s message is:

If you will create according to God’s plan, his will and in his image and likeness, God will restore to you, when you prove yourself to be an alchemist with reverence for life, the full science that you had in the beginning when you were with God in the Garden of Eden.

I guess without the freedom to create there really is no freedom, is there? That is precisely what Saint Germain is awakening our consciousness to—the idea that we as the American people, as citizens of the earth and a cosmos, have actually lost this precious, sacred gift of the power to create. And this is what Saint Germain comes to restore as the master of the Aquarian age.

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