Savor The Victory

Mother Mary
Embrace a victory consciousness. Be free of the sense of sin and guilt.

Mother Mary on “The Aquarian Age Rosary”

The soul of Mother Mary is known to us by a variety of names. She is Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Mother of God, the Madonna, the Queen of the Angels, the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin Mary, Our Lady, and the Blessed Mother. No matter how she is called, she represents the “ma-ray” or the Mother ray, the active principle that manifests the Father’s will. Through the Mother, you will savor your spiritual victory to become one with your Real Self. Let’s learn how.

Mother Mary teaches that no matter whether we are female or male, the feminine polarity of God must be redeemed in all of us individually for us to be whole. We must weave our ‘deathless solar body,’ otherwise known as our ‘wedding garment.’ This is an aura of white Light lodged at the base of the spine in the mother chakra, or the base chakra, and rises slowly to the crown chakra as we purify and perfect our beings. This action is needed to become one with our Higher Self and to ascend back to God.

Mother Mary has given us a tool for the safe raising of this Light. It is the Aquarian Age Rosary (sometimes called the Child’s Rosary or the New Age Rosary) that she delivered to Elizabeth Clare Prophet in 1972. This Rosary is for all of us, no matter what age, to change our entire vibratory nature and to begin building the deathless solar body. For centuries, Catholics have given a version of the Rosary.  With it, they perpetuated the thought that we are all ‘sinners.’ Mother Mary wanted to change the perception of ourselves as sinners and full of guilt.

Mother Mary stated that the children of the Light make mistakes and must do better. Still, we are not ‘sinners.’ Therefore, in the new rendition of the Rosary, Mother Mary affirms our victory, despite the mistakes we may inadvertently make in life. She holds the vision of your perfection individually. Her Aquarian Age Rosary proffers a purified vision for you as a son or daughter of God. The recitation of her new Rosary affirms this status and your “victory” over mortality.

Recitation of the Rosary

Practice reciting this three times or in multiples of three.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sons and daughters of God.
Now and at the hour of our victory over sin, disease, and death.

If you like to give the Rosary, download a pdf of the words here and click on the video.

Healing With the Rosary of Mother Mary

The giving of this Rosary is healing because it puts us once again into harmony with the Mother energies, the Divine Feminine. It is a ritual that transforms you into your Real Self as Mother Mary’s light enters your being and you become closer to the heart of God as Mother. Through the giving of the Rosary, you will put on more and more of the consciousness of Mother Mary and her attributes.

Mother Mary says:

“When you utter the words “Hail, Mary, full of grace,” immediately I arc my Presence over you as the Mother Ray. And as you by your devotion fill in more and more of that Light week upon week, blessed hearts, you shall know my strength in your body, you shall know the immortality of the mind and the spirit, you shall know a certain lightness [in order that you might] bear a certain world heaviness, you shall know what it means to be stepping in the sandals of an Archeia, and you shall know that putting on immortality is a certain gradual process that you [ritualize] day by day by day.

“Be strengthened in my Presence. Pause to listen to my heart communing with your heart. Pause to tell me, if you can articulate it, what is your sorrow, what is your burden, what is your joy.” – Mother Mary, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 35 No. 4

Have Tea With Mother Mary

To build a relationship with the Divine Feminine, with the heart of Mother Mary, she invites you to have tea with her. In 1977, she said through Elizabeth Clare Prophet,

“I am not only your Mother but your very personal friend. I ask you to take my hand, to take me to your home, to accept me as your friend….I will sit at your kitchen table and have a cup of tea with you. I will receive whatever offering is precious to you and take it to my heart and give it back to you with the full consecration of my love. I will help you in your daily tasks. Ask me for assistance in your problems…. ‘Won’t you take me to your heart and talk to me’?” – Mother Mary, “Behold the Handmaid of the Lord,” December 31, 1977 during the seminar “God is Mother.”

To begin weaving your ‘wedding garment,’ and to develop a personal relationship with Mother Mary, recite her Rosary, sip tea with her, give her your prayers, your sufferings, and those of others.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try these tips, and after 30 days, see how your life has changed. Let us know in the comments section below.

An Added Tip: if you have been burdened by drug use, alcohol, nicotine or other substances that rip open your aura, along with the Rosary to re-build your aura, you can ask the Weaver Angels every day to weave golden filigree patches over the holes in your aura.