Your Soul’s Journey on Earth

the journey of the soul

Connecting to your Higher Self

Are you ready to begin your journey to connect with your Real Self, your Higher Self?

This journey of ‘Self’ discovery encompasses learning who you are and the identity of your true Self. Indeed, the most important insight you can have in life is understanding the concept of how to become one with the Higher Self. By achieving self-mastery, balancing your karma, fulfilling your soul’s Divine mission, and winning your ascension, you finally reach the end of your earthly journey. You are then able to return to your real home, the etheric realms of Light.

You Have a Trinity of Divinity

three-fold flameEssential teaching from the Ascended Masters is the understanding of the divine spark that you have within you that ties you to God’s Heart. It is called the Threefold Flame. It is that part of you that makes you one with God. 

Much as a drop of water is part of a greater whole, the ocean, you too are more than a physical body; you are part of a greater whole. (More about this flame later.) You are a spiritual being with a trinity of identity. This trinity is called your I AM Presence, your Holy Christ Self, and your Soul. Your soul is the God-Potential within you. 

What you do with this potential determines the swiftness of your journey to immortality. Let’s discuss your Trinity of Divinity.

Your I AM Presence

chart of your divine selfThis chart is your Divine Self. It is a ‘picture’ of your real identity as seen from spiritual realms. It illustrates many cosmic, universal truths that have been discovered and understood by the mystics of East and West. Take a look at the upper figure in the chart. The sphere of Light, the upper figure, is known as your “I AM Presence.” It is your God Source. Hindus call it Brahma. Buddhists say the Dharmakaya, while Christians think of it as God the Father. It is the spirit of God individualized in you. Concentric spheres surround your I AM Presence, which make up what is called your causal body. With pulsating spiritual energy, these spheres contain the records of your good works in this life and your past lifetimes. They are like your cosmic bank account, the treasures you have stored in Heaven. These spheres represent the seven rays of God and the qualities of God that are individualized in you. Your I AM Presence is a part of your being right now. It is not separate from you. Any sense of limitation from this and previous lifetimes may cause you to feel separated, but this is not true. Your I AM Presence is always with you. As you begin to walk a spiritual path, purify your consciousness, and balance your karma, it draws closer and closer to you, and you begin to feel its Presence more fully.

You Have a Mediator

holy Christ selfThere is a mediator between the I Am Presence above you and you as a soul below.  It is, in fact, your Higher Self, the Higher Mental Body, or your Holy Christ Self. This is the portion of Self that mediates for you with your I Am Presence, your God Source. Since your I AM Presence only knows you as perfect, your Holy Christ Self intercedes to bring to you wisdom, Truth, help, and assistance from your I AM Presence for you to reach your Divine Potential. 

You may have heard of this Holy Christ Self as your Guardian Angel. Christian mystics sometimes refer to it as the “inner man of the heart.” Hindus call the mediator, your inner guru or the Atman. Your Holy Christ Self is your voice of conscience and is your dearest friend. It is the Real Self you are becoming through all of your incarnations over the centuries.

Protect Your Soul Here Below

in the violet flameThe lower figure in the chart is you, your soul evolving on the spiritual path. It is the part of you that is mortal but that is seeking to become immortal. Around you in this chart is the violet flame. This flame is high-frequency energy. (See The Violet Flame – You Need It!). Surrounding the violet flame is your Tube of Light, a filigreed wall of spiritual white Light. You must invoke this Light daily to protect and seal your aura and chakras against the weight of darkness on earth. The Tube of Light will also protect against negative thoughts and feeling projected at you. 

The Tube of Light

Give this a prayer every morning to call for this Tube of Light to be placed around you. You can give it more frequently as needed. Always stand when giving the Tube of Light.

Beloved I AM Presence bright,
Round me seal your Tube of Light.
From Ascended Master flame,
Called forth now in God’s own name,
Let it keep my temple free,
From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth Violet Fire,
To blaze and transmute all desire,
Keeping on in Freedom’s name,
Until I AM one with the Violet Flame.

Your Threefold Flame

three-fold flameThe threefold flame within your heart is a spiritual flame with three primary attributes of God: power, wisdom, and love. God intended for you to become more of these three qualities while walking your spiritual path. And as you embrace them, you are equalizing (balancing) the three plumes of this tripartite Light. The balancing action is necessary to attain union with God. 

The threefold flame, given to you by God, is a divine spark of Himself. This flame is very real; it is about 1/16th of an inch in height within the secret chamber of your heart. This flame is what endows you with consciousness, with self-awareness, and differentiates you from animals. It is a flame that makes you a son of God or daughter of God or a child of the Light. At one point in our soul’s evolution, our threefold flames were much more extensive. However, over the millennia, as we misused the powers that this flame endowed to us, the spiritual overseers of our planet decided that it was best to reduce the size of this flame for our own protection against further misuse. 

To protect and guard our threefold flame and that of others, the Ascended Master Saint Germain sponsored a spiritual order called the Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity. Keepers of the Flame vow to keep the flame of life burning on the altar of their hearts. They tend to this spiritual fire by preserving and upholding the principles of freedom, honoring the sacredness of life, and teaching about this flame to others who do not know that they even have a divine spark.

The Tripartite Action of Your Secret Flame

The ability to achieve your Divinity is due to the presence of this threefold divine spark anchored deep within your heart. It is a pink, yellow, and blue flame, the colors of love, wisdom, and power.

The plumes represent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Corresponding to the Father is the blue plume (on our left), which embodies God’s Power. The yellow plume (in the center) represents God’s Wisdom and corresponds to the Son. The pink plume (on our right) embodies God’s Love and corresponds to the Holy Spirit.

By accessing, embodying, and increasing the Power, Wisdom, and Love of the Godhead anchored in your secret chamber of your heart, you can fulfill your reason for being: to become the Christ. This threefold flame is the potential of your Divinity.

Now that you have gained an understanding of what it takes to regain your Real identity in God, you may want to gain access to spiritual tools for developing your self-mastery. See the Spiritual Tools tab on the home page. And make sure to see the Four Paths to Becoming Your Real Self section on the home page.

Enjoy your trek to God-Reality! The Ascended Master El Morya says: “The trek upward is worth the inconvenience.”

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