Spoken Prayers and the Power of You


The Aquarian Age and Spoken Prayer

chart of the eight forms of invocationWe regard Jesus as the wayshower for the Piscean Age, coming into incarnation to model the path of personal Christhood, the way of the Christ consciousness. However, we now enter a new age, and the torch has been passed to Saint Germain, the wayshower for the Aquarian Age. The Aquarian age is one of twelve astrological ages, each being about 2,150 years long. During this next 2,150 year cycle, we will become aware of God as the Holy Spirit and as the Divine Mother. During this cycle, the opportunity will be given to humankind to apply the laws of freedom and justice, the science of precipitation and transmutation that can bring in an age of enlightenment and peace such as the world has never known. It is also the age of invocation. During this Age of Aquarius, we will use more of the Science of Invocation, also called the Science of the Spoken Word®. This science is based on the giving of prayers that are repeated multiple times and at a fast pace. These fast-paced prayers are called decrees by the Ascended Masters. This new Age of Invocation will also see more of the use of affirmations, fiats, and mantras to liberate souls and our planet.

The Science of the ‘Decree’

Jesus discussing the inner mysteries with his disciplesThere is a scientific formula in the giving of our spoken prayers. Elizabeth Clare Prophet has stated that Jesus taught the disciples the ‘Science of the Spoken Word’ in the Upper Room. He did this in the Essene community and at the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus in Bethany.

The formula for giving decrees increases their power, making them very powerful prayers to God. Their formula is this:

  • Use a formal preamble at the beginning and a sealing at the close of a decree.
  • Repeat them over and over, preferably in multiples of three
  • Speak them aloud in a dynamic, rhythmic manner
  • Use carefully worded, positive, statements
  • Use the name of God as given to Moses, I AM THAT I AM

According to the teachings of the Ascended Masters, decrees are the most potent form of invoking God’s light. Their power is partly due to the relationship that we have with God when giving them.

When we decree, we command the flow of energy from Spirit to matter for personal and world transformation. We are not just asking for help – we are entering into a dynamic interactive partnership with God. In Isaiah 45:11, we see that God said: “…concerning the work of My hands, command ye Me.” We take this mandate seriously.

We are the instrument that God uses to do his Holy Work on Earth. Due to free will, our calls and prayers are critical. God will not enter situations on earth unless asked by His people to do so. Therefore, by this action of calling forth the presence of the masters, or cosmic beings, or angelic hosts during the preamble of a decree, we are giving our permission to God and his representatives to act on our behalf in personal situations or situations of world treachery and intrigue.

When we repeat decrees, there is an increased benefit.

prayer wheel common for eastern prayersIn the East, giving prayers repeatedly is quite common, with devotees repeating their mantras over and over, even thousands of times a day. It is in the West that this action is not as common.

Each time we repeat the words of a decree, we are continuously charging all of our energy with God’s pure light, and thereby acquiring more positive energy for ourselves to send out into the world to bless others.

How to Give a ‘Decree’

The way we increase the effectiveness of the power of a decree is by first acknowledging that God is the doer of the action through us; we are not the doers. We are commanding God to enter into specific situations to do His Will.

Therefore, we begin our specific decree action by calling for the Presence of the Ascended Masters, cosmic beings, or angelic hosts. We give the decree in ‘their name,’ not our own. Calling on many masters increases the multiplication factor, making our decrees even more powerful.

In essence, decrees are much like sending spiritual letters to God. They are composed of three parts, each with its own purpose:

  1. A greeting to the specific master(s), called the preamble
  2. The body of the decree
  3. The closing or sealing action that asks for the multiplication factor for our spiritual work

We usually give decrees in multiples of three. “This keys into the power of the Trinity and creates a multiplication factor for the added impetus of the ‘three-times-three,’ or the power of nine.” ~ Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Decree for the Protection of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael prayerBelow is an example of a decree. This decree calls for the protection of Archangel Michael in our lives.

Try this one before leaving the house or driving off in your car.


In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, I call to Archangel Michael and his angels. I command you to [insert your personal prayer]. I ask that my prayers be multiplied. I thank you, and I accept it done this hour in full power, according to the Will of God.

The Decree

Lord* Michael before, 
Lord Michael behind,
Lord Michael to the right,
Lord Michael to the left,
Lord Michael above,
Lord Michael below,
Lord Michael, Lord Michael, wherever I go!

I AM his Love protecting here!
I AM his Love protecting here!
I AM his Love protecting here!

(Give the decree three times, nine times, or in other multiples of three.)

Closing (suitable for all decrees)

And in full faith, I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! Right here and now with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever-expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the light and free! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

*The ‘I AM’ in our prayers is an affirmation of ‘God in me.’)

Another decree you can give for Archangel Michael’s protection:

Guard, guard, guard us!
By the lightning of thy love!

Guard, guard, guard us!
By thy Great Self above!

Guard, guard, guard us!
By thy secret power of light!

Guard, guard, guard us!
By thy great and glorious might!

And seal us safe forever
In thy diamond heart of light!

Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree

by the Ascended Master Saint Germain

This decree is for the drawing around ourselves of an invisible shield of cosmic light substance called the Tube of Light. You can do this everyday in the morning and throughout the day to maintain a wall of great Light around you. For more information on the Tube of Light, see: Your Soul’s Journey on Earth.

0 my constant, loving I AM Presence, thou Light of God above me whose radiance forms a circle of fire before me to light my way:

I AM faithfully calling to thee to place a great pillar of Light from my own Mighty I AM God Presence all around me right now today! Keep it intact through every passing moment, manifesting as a shimmering shower of God’s beautiful Light through which nothing human can ever pass. Into this beautiful electric circle of divinely charged energy direct a swift upsurge of the violet fire of Freedom’s forgiving, transmuting flame!

Cause the ever expanding energy of this flame projected downward into the forcefield of my human energies to completely change every negative condition into the positive polarity of my own Great God Self! Let the magic of its mercy so purify my world with Light that all whom I contact shall always be blessed with the fragrance of violets from God’s own heart in memory of the blessed dawning day when all discord—cause, effect, record, and memory—is forever changed into the Victory of Light and the peace of the ascended Jesus Christ.

I AM now constantly accepting the full power and manifestation of this fiat of Light and calling it into instantaneous action by my own God-given free will and the power to accelerate without limit this sacred release of assistance from God’s own heart until all men are ascended and God-free in the Light that never, never, never fails!

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