The Prophets and Messengers of God

Moses and the Ten Commandments

God Never Stopped Talking to His People

God never leaves us ‘comfortless’ to fend in the wilderness alone. He has always talked to us; in fact, He has never stopped. Down through the ages, He has spoken to us through His prophets or His anointed messengers who then deliver His word to us.

In the Bible, there were prophets such as John the Baptist, Abraham, Moses, and Isaiah. Other prophets, messengers, or amanuenses (take notes when God is talking) have been Muhammed, Saint Teresa of Avila, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. John of the Cross. There were — of course — many more.

This continuous messaging is called progressive revelation.

How Does God Speak to the Prophets?

God speaks to His prophets through a variety of methods. Whereas He does not resort to channeling or mediumship, He instead trains His messengers to receive his concepts, teachings, and messages through the power of the Holy Spirit in the manner of the ancient prophets. Sometimes, God’s words are heard through the ears; sometimes, these words appear before the eyes in living fire; sometimes, they are told through dreams or visions.

modern prophets of God

In modern times, the Ascended Masters have seen into ‘time’ and have related God’s word through their anointed messengers on Earth just as He spoke through them in the Old Testament days and beyond.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, His messengers were:

  • Helena Blavatsky (Theosophical Society, 1875)
  • Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science, 1879)
  • Helena and Nicolas Roerich (Agni Yoga Society, 1920)
  • Guy and Edna Ballard (I AM Activity, 1932)
  • Geraldine Innocente (The Bridge to Freedom, 1951)
  • Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (The Summit Lighthouse, 1968)

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Modern Day Messengers

Mark and Elizabeth ProphetMark L. Prophet (his real last name) and Elizabeth Clare Prophet of The Summit Lighthouse® were pioneers in modern spirituality. For more than forty years, they revealed, lectured on, and published the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. They taught that the essential spiritual truths at the heart of all the world’s religions are the same, and they showed how spiritual seekers from any background can walk a path towards reunion with God.

Mark is now the Ascended Master ‘Lanello,’ and Elizabeth has also ascended. Her devotees still refer to her as ‘Guru Ma.’ Students of our messengers, Lanello and Guru Ma, practice the teachings that these messengers brought forth from the Ascended Masters in order to improve their lives, their health, and their relationship with God.

The Messengers teach that the Teachings of the Ascended Masters are timeless. Devotees know this to be true as they experience these teachings on a daily basis by living them.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Receiving Dictations from the Ascended Masters

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains how she receives the messages from God by way of an ascended master. These messages are called dictations.

“I have been called a messenger by the masters who deliver their messages through me. The office of the messenger is something that comes by the gift of the Holy Spirit. So too is the gift of prophecy. It is a grace. It is an endowment. It is something that one achieves by walking with God until God calls one to speak to His people.

During a dictation, my consciousness is accelerated or elevated, so that it can mesh with the consciousness of the Ascended Master who is speaking through me. The sphere of my higher consciousness actually meshes with the sphere of consciousness of the Ascended Master. In that moment, there is the release of the Word. The master uses my voice as the instrument to bring forth his teaching.

Taking a dictation is a very real experience in the presence of the master. It is like being inside someone’s mind. The mind of the master is cogitating through my mind, and he is speaking through my mouth. However, I am not in a trance, and I am in full awareness with my full faculties of the Christ mind.

Psychic channeling, which often comes forth in trance, comes through the subconscious mind. The individual is not in the presence of his own Christ mind, and his body is used by discarnates, disembodied spirits, to convey messages from the departed…

The Ascended Masters require that their disciples–and I consider myself a disciple–always be in full command of their faculties when they are in communion with God and that they retain their own reason and judgment and self-discipline…

Taking a dictation is a very real experience in the presence of the master. It is exhilarating. It charges and recharges the body, mind, and spirit of each person in the congregation, clears the chakras, and draws the soul nigh to her own inner God Reality.

Dictations are not self-fulfilling psychic predictions, nor are they centered on building up the personalities or the egos of those present. They are the Word of God delivered by fully integrated immortal beings who are counted among the hosts of the Lord.

These beings come to initiate us in the ancient mysteries of Christ and Buddha and the everlasting gospel for the new age of Aquarius. And they come to exhort us so that we will rise to the great God flame within ourselves and defeat the momentums of returning karma that are coming upon the age.”

(Excerpt from Inner Perspectives, A Guidebook for the Spiritual Journey, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.)