The Violet Flame – You Need This!

The violet flame decree

Violet fire is a high-frequency spiritual energy that clears up and transmutes the negative karma that we have made in this and other lifetimes. This invisible Light acts on the physical plane, erasing, removing or mitigating the causes of any illness, mental or emotional or physical, or world conditions. It is the ‘action of the Holy Spirit,’ the fire that Moses spoke of when he said, “Our God is a consuming fire.”

Violet fire (Violet Flame) can bring happiness – joy – peace – and even abundance into your lives. It can also work wonders, healing the body, mind, and soul by causing our electrons to spin at a higher vibratory rate. It is often called the flame of joy, for when you are blazing with Violet Flame in your chakras, you feel joyous!

No problem is too insignificant or too big for you to tackle with the Violet Flame.

Have you ever noticed a ray of sunlight passing through a prism? It is refracted into the seven colors of the rainbow. The same is true of a beam of spiritual light. When spiritual light is refracted, it manifests as seven rays, each with a specific color. The seventh of these rays is violet. (See Image here.)

The violet flame works on invisible levels. Those who have developed their spiritual vision are actually able to see this ray of violet light. It was not until the twentieth century that this once-secret knowledge was revealed to the masses by Saint Germain. Thankfully, we can all now use this flame to affect positive change in our lives.

Violet Flame is invoked by decreeing. Decrees are prayers given repeatedly, spoken at a fast pace, and given by those who study the teachings of the Ascended Masters. (See Spoken Prayer and the Power of You!)

While invoking the Violet Flame, be sure to visualize yourself or the situation saturated in this violet transmuting flame.

Here is a sample decree:

I AM the Violet Flame in Action in me now.
I AM the Violet Flame to Light alone I bow.
I AM the Violet Flame in mighty cosmic power.
I AM the Light of God shining every hour.
I AM the Violet Flame blazing like a sun.
I AM God’s sacred power freeing everyone.

Saying this statement just 15 minutes a day, with full heart and devotion, can work wonders in your life, raising your vibration and consciousness, spinning your electrons, and transmuting the substance that has accumulated like glue in and around your chakras. Don’t take our word for it. Try it for a month and see!

There is a Violet Flame Challenge that you can do, along with thousands of others. This is the perfect way to experiment with this powerful Light. Check out the challenge here.